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How to Behave With an Escort: 7-Step Guide on How to Become a Favorite Client

About to meet your first escort or still thinking about it? This guide will tell you how to behave with an escort properly to immediately become a favorite client!

The escorting industry thrives on discretion, personal preferences, and, most importantly, the mutual respect between clients and escorts. Contrary to popular belief, elite escorts and the clients they meet are *mostly* very professional but there are always some bad apples that make escorts feel anxious.

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The biggest fear factor for most escorts who are meeting a brand new client for the first time is the uncertainty – will the man they’re about to meet know how to behave? Unlike prostitutes, you can’t actually force escorts to like you or perform services by paying. So, unless you know how to treat an escort, you’ll only end up wasting your own money, killing the entire mood of the evening, and giving other men a bad rep.

Remember: escorts need to like you and they need to have a good time with you so they can make you feel good as well. They’re passionate about their work, and bad behavior on your part will only kill passion. Elite escorts meet gentlemen from all over the world. If you’re anything less than a gentleman, she’ll just sit there counting hours on the clock, waiting for it all to be over.

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We’re sure you don’t want to spend your precious time and money on a bad experience with an escort. So we’ve written a guide with tips from real interviews on how exactly you should act with an escort.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely get the experience of a lifetime!

7 Tips on How to Approach an Escort

1. Set Your Expectations Right

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First things first – make sure you clearly understand the difference between an escort and a sex worker (also known as prostitute, whore, etc.). Elite escorts are not obligated to have sex with you or give you any kind of erotic services such as massage, happy endings, and the like. 

You’re paying them to accompany you to an important event or to have a date with you. Think of it like any usual business conference where girls would also be enticed to hunt for high-value men. Whatever happens after your meeting is up to the escort to decide and she can freely decline to take things forward – yes, even if you paid.  That’s why escorting is a fully legal service while prostitution is not.

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Escorts are great at giving you an emotionally fulfilling experience – known as GFE (or Girlfriend Experience) because they are passionate about pleasure and making meaningful connections. And, not to mention, that they look stunning 24 hours, 7 days a week, so they make heads turn wherever they go. That’s why so many high-value men prefer elite escorts over sex workers.

Whether or not you manage to take things to the bedroom, depends on whether or not you did your part and treated her like a gentleman. The main difference between usual dating and meeting an escort is that escorts know that you have certain expectations and they would love to fulfill them by moving things forward – after all, she’s there to give you pleasure and to fulfill your desires.

However, she will never accompany you to the bedroom if you don’t do your part and behave. Make sure you set your expectations right so you know how to treat an escort in a better way.

2. Be Very Specific About What You Want

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The escort can provide you the best service if there’s no awkwardness in the room – and especially, if she knows exactly what you want. Communication is very important and escorts tend to have the worst kind of experiences with clients who are not upfront about their needs.

And this needs to be done way before the meeting. If you work with a luxury escort agency like Emerans, you’re usually assigned a manager who will ask about your plans and expectations. If you’re not detailed, you might end up getting matched with the wrong escort and blowing up the entire fun weekend you had planned.

You need to be specific about things like:

  • Preferences like body type, race, and hair color.
  • Plans for the date: are you looking for long-term companionship or a one-time visit?
  • Location: would you like the escort to fly to your country or city? Your manager can arrange that and needs to know in advance.
  • Event type: will it be a friend’s wedding, business conference, or a one-on-one date?

However, do note that you cannot request sexual or erotic services from your manager. Inquiries like that usually get ignored and you’ll only end up creating a bad impression as a client.

An escort is not bound by the escort agency or your payment to perform any sexual acts or services. She is only obligated to visit you and whether or not things go to the bedroom is for her to decide based on how the date goes (just like a usual date).

If things do go to the bedroom, you should openly communicate about what you’re looking for so she can be prepared and not expect any unpleasant surprises.

3. Keep Personal Life Personal

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According to professional escorts, a major turn-off for them is when clients start asking personal questions, especially when it’s the first meeting.

Avoid making it your business to ask her about:

  • Other clients, past experiences, boyfriends, and husbands.
  • Where she's from, where’s her family, and how she "got into the business."
  • Her current residence and whether or not she has children.
  • Her level of education and whether she attended college.
  • The worst of all, how much money she makes, how many customers she gets per day, and so on.

The same rules of dating and daily human friendship apply here. If you’ve met someone for the first time, you’ll be put off too if they start asking personal questions about your exes out of nowhere.

However, according to real escorts, men tend to think that they have a right to be nosy “just because they paid”. That’s extremely condescending. Don’t be one of those clients, show the same level of respect you expect to get in return.

If you’ve been seeing the same escort for several times now, she might divulge some information now and then because now you have built a personal connection with her. But even then, why bother? It’s not like she’s your girlfriend or wife.

Make it easy for her to make the evening memorable for you and have fun while she’s at it – no strings attached.

4. Watch Your Alcohol Intake

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Escorts hate dealing with drunk clients. Period. On a normal date, you would expect to get a little tipsy to overcome nervousness. Or offer a drink to your date to lower her inhibitions.

But with a professional escort – what’s the point? She already knows the game, and she’s very good at it. She can handle herself well and can even take things up a notch without needing to dull her senses. Just sit back, take it easy with the whiskey, and let her do her part in helping you relax. She knows which questions to ask and how to make the conversation flow.

Also: why get drunk and not fully be in the moment? You hired a professional – you should keep your brain cells intact to enjoy every last minute to the fullest.

Another pro tip: if you’re going to offer her a drink, let her see you open the bottle or can of alcohol for safety reasons.

5. Don’t Fall in Love (Please)

amazing young woman at swimming pool

Escorts are very good at giving pleasure and creating an effect of mutual intimacy. However, a lot of men confuse it with actual romance.

Remember: if escorts weren’t able to create the “real-like” effect of romantic intimacy and love, they wouldn’t be in business. You have a strictly professional relationship with her and she’s been hired to make you feel good by triggering all the right chemicals.

So don’t confuse it for real love, please, no matter how “real” it feels. You’ll make it awkward for both of you. Make sure you’re ready to handle an escort and her feminine charm, combined with exemplary beauty (both of which she has perfected over years of dating professionally) before you go see her.

6. Don’t Try to “Save” Her

high-end model

This is a very common one. A lot of clients after seeing an escort for a long enough time, develop certain feelings towards her. They feel like they need to “give her the talk” and inquire more about her past and how she ended up becoming an escort. What they fail to realize is that professional escorts didn’t end up in the industry because “they didn’t have other options”.

Many of the escorts are actually very educated, smart, and interesting people to hang out with. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t do it out of necessity but because they are genuinely passionate about their work. That’s why they are much more desirable and highly paid than usual sex workers.

So don’t be that guy – don’t ask about her past and try to get her to talk about her feelings and despair. Don’t play savior – she doesn’t need you to save her, she will not agree to marrying you and leaving her “life of sin” behind. 

She chose it herself and she absolutely loves her work. There’s nothing you can offer her to make her leave her current life. If you think she needs saving from you, then it just shows that you don’t actually respect her and her work. Not to mention, she has earned the favor of many other men before you, and you won’t be the only rich guy who tried. 

Avoid doing this at all costs if you don’t want to disrespect her and spoil the mood (no matter how many times you’ve been with her).

7. Look after your hygiene

a man and a woman in bed

It’s crazy how so many men forget about the most basic rule. Clean and groom yourself properly before you go see her!

Women, especially escorts pay great attention to hygiene the moment they see you for the first time. They even notice the tiniest things that a lot of men tend to forget about, such as:

  • Whether or not your nails are clipped.
  • Is your beard fully shaved or did you miss a few spots?
  • Do you smell good? Are you using too much perfume?
  • Is there something stuck between your teeth?
  • Are your nose hair coming out?
  • And so on.

Pay attention to detail and groom yourself properly before you visit. Dress well.

If things go to the bedroom, take a shower before you engage in any kind of bodily contact. Wash your hands, use a mouthwash, and avoid eating food that smells bad or gives you gas.

Bonus Tips

young lady in body wear

Here are some additional things that escorts keep bringing up now and then:

  • Use a deodorant if you tend to get sweaty (or if it's hot where you live).
  • Don’t talk about prostitutes or strippers with escorts. This is a sensitive topic for them, they will feel judged if you compare them to sex workers.
  • Don’t bring friends or other people to the date if you haven’t told her about it in advance. This will scare her away.
  • Avoid perverted language and excessive use of swear words.
  • If you have any crazy fetishes, make sure you talk about them early on. She can say no to your fetish, and that’s completely okay. There are other things you can try.
  • Don’t take photos or videos of her without consent.
  • Don’t try to kiss, hold, or touch without consent.
  • Don’t try anything in the bedroom without consent.
  • Don’t try to get her drunk. You don’t need to. If you try to get her drunk, she will immediately know what’s going on and feel unsafe.
  • Don’t bring your past girlfriends or breakup stories to the date. She’s not your wife or girlfriend, she isn’t obligated to take care of your past baggage. She’s there to give you pleasure.

All in all – be nice and use common sense. Give her the same courtesy you would give to any other girl you go out on a date with and the same respect you expect to get in return.

Escorts can do their job a whole lot better when they feel safe, comfortable, and not judged. You don’t need to whip out your charisma or “game” to impress her.

She’s there to help you feel better and would be more than happy to do her best to make the night the most memorable for you. All you have to do is let her do her job.

How to Find an Escort

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Looking to meet an elite escort who’s not only smart and interesting but also breathtakingly beautiful? Girls like this don’t just “stumble into your life” in bars and clubs like other ordinary women. 

Escorts are gorgeous, high in demand, extremely busy and know their worth very well. That’s why in order to earn their favor, you must pay the price and prove that you’re a high value man who won’t waste their time.

If you’re looking to meet such a girl and potentially start a relationship, you must get her attention. That’s where professional escorting agencies come in to help.

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