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VIP Isolation in quarantine

We will provide you with a trip with models in quarantine.

Here, we feature only the best models that are always ready to go.

Have you always dreamt of meeting your favorite supermodel or a movie star? We can make that wish come true! We offer a VIP outcall escort service – travel models.

Emerans agency can help you have an unforgettable luxury vacation. Your vacation experience will be vivid and enchanting especially compared to a regular holidays. We know exactly what is luxury and unsurpassed quality are. Let us be your personal escort travel agent and offer unusual and non-standard vacation options that will definitely not leave you indifferent.


Everyday life of a businessman is full of painstaking and hard work. All these worries constantly put pressure on you in such a way that you want to run away from everyone. Each person needs rest not only physical, but also mental. Let us introduce you our innovative leisure ideas so that you can relax your body and soul. You can choose one of the ready-made options or come up with your own, after discussing the details with our manager.

Unusual Weekend in quarantine

Fulfill your wildest and cherished dreams with our offer Unusual Weekend. Perhaps you have long dreamed of attending the Cartier polo tournament in St. Moritz or taking an exclusive walk in the Deer Valley, Vejle? We can help to realize your idea while making the rest comfortable and memorable. You yourself choose how you want to spend time - to actively walk and enjoy stunning views or spend private evenings in the company of a beautiful model. The coziness is made up of little things - a fluffy carpet on the floor of your secluded mountain house, a glass of red collection wine or a mug of hot chocolate in your hands - let us create this perfect picture for you. At this moment, only you and your companion will be - no fuss, problems or worries. Ask our managers how much it costs to spend a weekend in such a place or longer. The final cost will depend on which resort and model are selected, and how long the reservation will be made.

  • Rich Personal Island: VIP Packet

A privileged client has a possibility to be invited on our private island. No paparazzi, no extra eyes, just you and our models. We patiently wait for one of our secret parties.

Luxury travel companionship

  • Guard holidays

We are the best touristic agent and VIP caretaker, which can make your international experiment better and memorable. Emerans Agency proposes a higher degree of maintenance during your holidays. We know the meaning of richness. As we are your international touristic agents, information about us exists around the world and our maintenance surprises you in full heart.

During your meeting with our model, we are at your direction in making your way and offers. In addition, we can propose a better restaurant or hotel, and can help to buy tickets in the best way, etc. We can book you tickets in some specific place or actions, that is why to call for making you trip like a fairy tail.

Here we propose you some ideas, which you can use in making your own idea. But if you want to do something special, just call us to organize your perfect trip.

Escort`s girl ID 1014

ID: 1014

  • Country, City:Poland, Warsaw
  • Hair color:Brunette
  • Age:19
  • Height (cm):177
Escort`s girl ID 1012

ID: 1012

  • Country, City:United Arab Emirates
  • Hair color:Blonde
  • Age:24
  • Height (cm):176
Escort`s girl ID 1016

ID: 1016

  • Country, City:United Kingdom, London
  • Hair color:Brunette
  • Age:21
  • Height (cm):175
449 models
are presented for you in our gallery

  • Super Car for Meeting

For a man who has a car and likes it. Make your remarkable memories and great date with our rich supercars. If you like a fashionable lifestyle, this kind of relaxation is special for you. Speed, freedom and a perfect complain about all this you just dream, but now all this is near you. Just call us, and you will have your dream in your hands.

This type of vacation is ideal for lovers of luxury cars. We can arrange the perfect date for you ordering a luxury car, and you can go to any place you choose. We also provide the opportunity to choose one of dozens of incredibly cool and expensive cars for a date. You and your companion will be able to feel the incredible power and strength of a luxury car, enjoy speed and drive together. This option is ideal for you if you like sumptuousness, beautiful life and luxury cars. Just imagine - more than eight hours alone with a powerful car and in the company of stunning beauty, is not this a vision from a dream? Contact us shortly and we will organize your vacation in the genre of the best street racing.

  • Yachting of Business Class

If you want to have rich holidays, you can book a yacht for business class. In this way, you can be nearer to nature, whenever you want in the morning or at night. We will give you all details about it, just call to us.

**If you have your own yacht, connect with us, and we give you more information.

According to your only word, we rent for you a luxury yacht on which you can go on an unforgettable cruise making up an individual route. In addition to traveling in the company of a charming and seductive beauty, you will receive a lot of impressions and lunch from a professional chef who will satisfy any culinary requests. A full bar with elite drinks, sea and sun - what could be better for a perfect vacation? Once you have decided on the dates, you can contact our managers to help you make an excellent route. It really is a paradise under the sky - calm sailing, delicious food, a beautiful and young girl nearby. You can also be sure of complete confidentiality. Book a day off or stay overnight and enjoy breakfast on board while watching the ocean sparkling in the rays of the rising sun. Our experts will provide you with complete information on prices, taking into account all your wishes.

 Walk on the waves on a yacht

  • Tropical Week in Paradise

You can have a special and very hot relax in a wonderful place with our model. You have to discard a part of the negative away and make your mind healthier. For a day to call to us for getting more information.

If you have long dreamed of spending a few days away from civilization and with an exotic bias - be sure to use our offer Tropical Week in Paradise. At your disposal will be breathtaking views from the beauty of nature while at the same time with luxury comfort. You can enjoy an unforgettable hedonistic vacation and regain a sense of carefree youth. In the company of a beautiful nymph, you can finally forget about everyday problems, completely relax and restore the balance of your energy. The healing properties of nature, fresh air, delicious food and a complex of spa procedures will give you a lot of strength and restore vigor. You can book a vacation in this amazing place not only for a few days, but even for a whole month. Can you imagine a whole month of life in a magical paradise? Contact our managers to clarify the booking dates and the cost of this offer.

  • Rest Alone

When you want to be alone, we can book a private island. Without any neighbors or paparazzi, just you and our model. You can feel the romantic atmosphere with full force. Completely clear bookkeeping. 3 days before calling us for information.

Often there are times when you want to stay away from everyone and at the same time being in comfortable conditions. We can offer you the perfect vacation on a private island, where there are no neighbors, no paparazzi, no annoying tourists. You can book your holiday dates in advance by choosing a length of stay of several days to a month of magic time with your companion. A beautiful girl can arrive on the island in advance and meet you there. Courteous staff make sure that you are in comfort and receive only the best services. At your disposal will even be your own butler, who will take care of all your needs. You can choose the number of staff, indicate preferences in food, entertainment, additional services - all that can be imagined for an ideal holiday in a paradise. Contact our managers to make an invoice for services and choose the dates of your vacation.

escort service – travel models

  • Candles in the Kitchen

Some of our models can, enough good, to cook as special as a casual meal. Just say what you want and she will make it. She can demonstrate a casual meal like something special. You can imagine how she can do it! The price is for a simple model.

If you like good cuisine and beautiful girls, then this offer will be to your liking. Some of our models are unsurpassed chefs who will surprise you not only with their impeccable appearance, but also with the ability to pamper your taste buds. Enjoy a wonderful dinner in a romantic and private setting. What could be more sensual than the beauty who feeds you herself from her beautiful and gentle hands. You can choose the menu, and the girl will please you with her cooking abilities. This offer is available when ordering from 4+ hours of a warm company of a seductive cook girl.

  • The Best Roads

You can get unforgettable memories in the pictorial and fresh places. For a little time, forget about your problems. The price of this packet will depend on the choosing model.

  • Stimulation on Safari

You are a brave person, this is for you. Give a part of better memories with your girlfriend who will give you the best moments in your life. You can book a rich house or a simple camp, it depends on your wishes. Before two weeks, call to us to know about the price.

     Perhaps you are a lover of an active lifestyle and adventure? Then for sure you will want to take part in an exotic safari for two to feel a whole range of emotions. The presence of a slender and beautiful model will make your adventure even more memorable and amazing. We can arrange accommodation for you in a luxurious house or put together a real campground - it depends on what level of comfort you prefer. It can be 14 days of an unforgettable vacation in the style of Hemingway’s favorite novels. Contact our managers to determine the cost of this offer.

     The escort girl travels between countries to meet you in your special place and satisfy your every wish. All elite travel companions are here for you – check out their profiles and enjoy your trip with an amazing company.

luxury travel companionship

     The choices are endless – you can hire a simple female escort, a VIP model companion, erotic art models or dancers and spend an evening of a lifetime with them. Our travel companion agency offers you the best experience imaginable. Our girls love to travel around the world and always have visas or European, American or GB passports; they adore spending time with foreign men. They will always be kind to you and take care of your entertainment. You two will never be bored.

Island Magic Date with models in quarantine

Each privileged member of the site has the opportunity to spend time in the company of supermodels at one of the parties on the company's private island. This event whose doors are open only to VIPs and is held in complete confidentiality without paparazzi and no publicity. We can confidently tell that this is a truly amazing experience - four lucky man take part in the party, surrounded by stunning and famous supermodels. We are pleased to present this type of holiday to you and look forward to welcoming you to one of our islands in the near future.

travel models

Beautiful travel companions

Your private luxury travel companion will suit your every preference and be ready to make your every wish come true. She will be passionate about your every idea, whether it be skiing, skydiving or golf. Every girl in our agency aims to please. Booking a company is easy, whether you want one girl or multiple girls to travel with you. We are always here to help you choose the best match for an exclusive trip with the most beautiful travel companions.

VIP Isolation in quarantine

Every model on this page travels frequently and is always available for online booking. Add some fun to your business trip; work during the day and have an amazing time in the evening. Our girls are always beautiful, sophisticated and well behaved. They enjoy delicious cuisine with a glass of wine or a cocktail and will be a perfect company either for a posh restaurant or a small bar in the neighborhood. Every travel girl has a lust for life and is always up to anything you suggest. Their passionate and positive attitude makes them wonderful people to be with.

We guarantee you a first-class service that will leave give you nothing but happiness and perfect memories. Imagine arriving at a luxury hotel near the sea or in the mountains with a gorgeous supermodel by your side. Only the best gentlemen in the world can afford traveling in style – and you can be one of them! To live well and happy and be able to work properly, every human needs to get some rest from time to time. So why not spend your holidays in a company of a pretty and smart girl? Even a business trip will be more pleasant in such company like vip companions – despite a hard workday you will always find a relaxing and comforting atmosphere afterward.

Emerans Agency’s Travel Catalogue for your luxury travel companionship

If you want to find the perfect company for your business trip online, you came to the right place. Go to Emerans Agency’s Travel Catalogue and meet the model of your dreams. We will provide you with all the information about a girl. If you want her to be able to do something unusual – skiing, riding a horse or scuba diving – feel free to ask us any questions. We will be happy to help and find the best match for you. Enjoy your trip with a perfect company!

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