What to Expect From an Escort?

Hiring an escort for the first time? Elite escorts are very careful about who they pick as their client so a date with one can make anyone nervous. Read this guide to learn what to expect from an escort so you can play your cards right from the moment she walks into the room.

A date with an escort is just like a real-life date – she’s not obligated to accompany you to your bedroom and can leave at any moment. That’s why a lot of people feel anxious when they have a booking with a professional escort.

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However, escorts can deliver a much more fulfilling experience if you understand how the industry works and how to behave.

Escorts are constantly hunting for high-value men to form relationships worthwhile for them. There’s no shortage of men willing to drop wads of cash on gorgeous female company, however, escorts claim that finding a real gentleman who’s got class and etiquette is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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The only way you can have a dream-come-true experience with an escort is by letting her do her job without having to deal with your anxiety and lack of etiquette. It would be a shame if you made the escort feel nervous just because you were ill-prepared and didn’t know what to expect.

We’ve compiled this guide using our experience in the industry as a professional escorting agency. It will help you:

  • Manage your expectations and anxiety.
  • Know exactly what to expect on a date with an escort.
  • Learn how to move things forward with an escort the proper (and legal) way.

Understanding What Escorts Are (And What They Aren’t)

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If you don’t know about it already, escorts are very different from prostitutes or “whores”. They’re not in this line of business because of some childhood trauma or desperation. 

On the contrary, escorts are educated, very charismatic, and usually have a successful career in modeling or acting (especially if they are affiliated with an elite escorting agency such as Emerans).

Then why do they work as escorts? They could be motivated by one or several reasons such as:

  • They are hunting for compatible high-value men to form relationships with (since they’re high-in-demand themselves as well).
  • They are passionate about delivering pleasure to their clients and fine dining in high society.
  • They find it extremely pleasurable to work as an escort, becoming a symbol of desire, pleasure, and eroticism.

Most importantly, escorts are not bound by an escorting agency or by your payment to perform any erotic services. You pay them upfront to show that you’re interested in them and for them to spend time with you. 

They can leave whenever they want if you don’t behave. That’s why escorting is a legal service as compared to prostitution. Make sure you know the difference before you hire an escort so you'll set your expectations right.

How to Hire an Escort

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Elite escorts don’t usually hang around in bars, clubs, or your local library. That’s why your chances of meeting one randomly in daily life are very slim.

Moreover, escorts are very high-in-demand because they look stunning and are very charismatic. Most of them are TV stars or “red carpet girls”. Elite escorts don’t go on dates on a regular basis, but like to spend time networking with high value men as part of their lifestyle.

That’s why the only way to book an escort is by reaching out to a reputable modeling agency such as Emerans. The process is quite simple:

  1. Send an inquiry: Describe your plans and requirements in detail. Talk about your preferences or pick an escort from the catalog.
  2. Talk to your manager: You will be assigned a manager who will help you arrange the date. They can fly the escort to you and they can also handle establishing contact to make sure the date happens as planned.
  3. Confirm your booking: Make payments in advance and always keep in touch with your manager to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Pro tip: escort agencies are only responsible for helping you contact the escort and arranging the date. Don’t talk about sex in the inquiry otherwise you will get ignored or removed from our worldwide gentleman’s club! 

We follow international laws and regulations of each country we operate in.

Before the Date

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Most first dates happen in restaurants or at events. Clients usually request escorts for events such as:

  • Business conferences where they need a good-looking, charismatic escort to accompany them to make a good impression.
  • Weddings to impress other friends and to have a good time.
  • At restaurants for a one-on-one date for good company and GFE (girlfriend experience).
  • Vocational trips to islands or the next city, such trips usually last 2 days. 

Escorts pay a lot of attention to tidiness. Since they spend a lot of time and attention at making themselves look stunning, they expect their clients to be up to the mark as well.

woman in pool

Here are some things, according to escorts, that clients tend to overlook from time to time:

  • Dress well, smell nice, and take extra care of your hygiene.
  • Make sure your nails are neatly cut and shaped.
  • Pay attention to your hair and beard. Make sure you have groomed your beard properly and there are no untrimmed spots left.
  • Don’t invite other people to the date unless you have previously agreed to it with the escort (cooperate with u personal manager).
  • Use a deodorant if you tend to sweat a lot or if it’s warm outside.
  • Arrive early, and don’t be upset if the escort gets late.

And most importantly, don’t give her any time pressure and try to accommodate her as much as possible. She can only give you a good time if she’s relaxed.

During the Date

Escorts are very professional at flirting, making conversations go smoothly, and helping you have a good time. So don’t worry about thinking about how to seduce her or leading the conversation. 

She knows what’s expected of her and if you treat her well, she will be able to do her job and allow you to kick back and relax. You don’t need to worry about showing off or proving anything. You already paid for her time and she knows she’s there to have pleasurable time for both of you. She will absolutely love it if you become a repeat client.

Unlike a normal date, there’s much more certainty for things to go smoothly when it comes to dating escorts. All you need to do is make her feel safe, treat her with respect, and avoid awkward questions.

dazzling woman in bath with roses

Here are some other things to keep in mind during the date:

  • Avoid ordering smelly food such as fish, cheese, or something with too much garlic. Remember: you need your breath to smell fresh so you don’t put her off when leaning in for a kiss.
  • Avoid getting drunk. The point of drinking during a date is to improve your chances of getting laid. With an escort, you don’t need to do that because she’s a professional and doesn’t need to be drunk to show you a good time. If you try to get her drunk, she will immediately notice it and will feel unsafe.
  • If you’re offering her a drink, make sure she sees you open the bottle or beer can to make her feel safe.
  • Don’t ask personal questions. Especially if you’re meeting for the first time, she will feel uncomfortable if you ask about her family background, education, or her personal information such as phone number and address. At Emerans, our rule book explicitly prohibits clients from exchanging phone numbers due to security reasons. Discretion is very important in this industry for both clients and escorts.
  • Don’t be condescending. Remember: escorts are not prostitutes. They do this work because they are passionate about it. Don’t make it your business to “save” her or ask about how she became an escort. 
  • Focus on having a good time. Don’t talk about sex immediately unless you’ve developed a certain level of intimacy first. Flirting is fine as long as you don’t go overboard.

That’s the wrong way to look at it. The reason escorts are so popular is because they deliver more than just erotic services.

Taking things further

Escorts are not your average hump-and-dump hookups. They’re very well-equipped with a full arsenal of techniques and years of experience under the belt.

Escorts know how to get sexy and they do it effortlessly. Not to mention that with their bodies and looks, it comes quite naturally to them. According to escorts, here are some things they like their clients to do:

Take a shower 

attractive woman in bath

No matter how much you scrubbed yourself before the date, it’s very important to take a shower.


According to escorts, the worst type of clients are those that don’t communicate enough. If she doesn’t know what you like or dislike, she can’t deliver a satisfying service. 

Know that escorts are very experienced. No matter what you ask of her, she has most likely seen it and done it before. So don’t be afraid to request favors that you would usually shy away from when talking to your wife or girlfriend – escorts don’t judge.

Be vulnerable

stunning woman and man in bed
Showing a bit of intimacy and vulnerability can greatly improve the level of satisfaction you get. Escorts are in business because they understand the needs of men on a deep psychological level. It’s completely fine to give in to her feminine charm and let her take control. She will respond with the same level of intimacy so you can get a complete spiritual experience.

However, find a good balance. This does not mean that you can bring personal baggage from past failed relationships or stresses into the bedroom – she’s not a therapist. Also – never fall in love. Escorts are great at feigning feelings of love, attachment, and deep intimacy, that’s how they stay in business.

They provide positive emotional energy and are always nice and professional. It’s fine to give in at the moment but never confuse it for real love.

Final Word

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At the end of the booking, escorts generally stay and cuddle, usually enjoying light and lovely conversation. Show her that you’re a gentleman by offering to order her a taxi and seeing her off. However, don’t ask for her phone number (make sure you read our rules) or personal details even if you plan on seeing her again. It’s better to talk to your manager for future bookings.

If you really like the escort and would like to develop a relationship with her, it’s better to see her for a few more bookings and offering gifts. However, it’s a lot better to openly communicate with her about what you’re looking for and whether or not she’ll be interested as well.

Escorts don’t lead you on and are usually very honest about how they see the relationship. 

Good luck!

Looking to meet an elite escort who’s not only smart and interesting but also breathtakingly beautiful? Girls like this don’t just “stumble into your life” in bars and clubs like other ordinary women. 

Escorts are gorgeous, high in demand, extremely busy and know their worth very well. That’s why in order to earn their favor, you must pay the price and prove that you’re a high value man who won’t waste their time.

If you’re looking to meet such a girl and potentially start a relationship, you must get her attention. That’s where professional escorting agencies come in to help.

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