What is Escort?

What girl does not dream of a luxurious life, which includes relaxing in fabulous resorts, eating in expensive restaurants and friendship with the greats of this world? Someone bury these dreams under the guise of a “good woman”, others conquer the peaks on their own, others go to a deal with conscience and join the ranks of the escort.

Let's distinguish right away. Escort is an accompaniment. The difference between an escort and prostitution is that in the first case, expensive leisure time is organized, which does not always (but in the vast majority of cases) leads to sexual intercourse, and in the second it is a banal “accident” with a rather predictable outcome.

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High-Class Girls from an escort, as a rule, have good manners, can exchange a few phrases in a foreign language (or even not in one) and have a decent education that allows them to satisfy not only physical but also intellectual hunger of customers. During its existence, the agency has been developing two bases: a base of girls and regular customers. A manager (or agent) is the link between the one who provides the service (girl) and the one who buys this service (client). For regular customers, managers can advise which girl you can meet in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Before meeting with the client, the girls are told without fail who will be at this party, how to behave, what can be said and what cannot. If the customer does not like something, he has the right to ask for a replacement.

Emerans is a professional company suggesting personal and professional elite VIP escorts services from around the world. The most beautiful high-class girl companions from the world of modeling, film and the music industry, have chosen our agency.

Elite escort girls attract those who have a certain style and understanding of what can be bought for money and what cannot be bought for money, for example, discretion, loyalty and first-class service, which has no analogs.

Emerans has created a special niche lifestyle for the rich and famous, offering an adventure of a lifetime without any complications or connections, with a wonderful companion who will accompany you anyway.

Emerans guarantees privacy, luxury, and beauty indefinitely. Also, available elite models open call. The company personally meets with all applicants for VIP escort models and present them to you unnoticed. The service does not work full-time, it is hourly supported. It offers truly exclusive and elite partners.

Escort Service Credibility

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Emerans company has a blow to a sophisticated, high-quality personal approach to customers. The aim of the company is to provide professionalism and competence in the field of escort services. The company is ready to turn every minute of your free time into an unforgettable experience with the help of high-class girls.

The Privilege Agency is here to offer the best companion girls - Elite Escort Girls, elite and glamorous ladies, high society escorts. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

The company is proud to offer the customers the most careful and reliable payment methods using direct transfer or secure credit card. Your account will appear under the very cautious name of the IT company in your application. None of your accounts, statements or documents will ever mention adult services, escorts or related services. Legal bills from our IT billing company are available on request. The luxurious ladies provide a very useful, attentive and discreet connection with sophisticated, discerning people who offer the same in return. If you are looking for a dynamic experience and a wonderful exchange of energy, these magnificent courtesans are the best choice.

Why Choose Emerans Company?

Here are some reasons:

  1. It is reliable
  2. It is safe
  3. Available elite models open call
  4. It offers exclusive and elite partners
  5. Reliable payment methods


If there is a desire to meet an elite VIP escorts in your city, Emerans is the best choice. The models are carefully selected as fresh, real women who do not accompany a full-time job. The company chooses the elite escorts girls from professional arenas; top models, star actresses and celebrities, and other successful girls' careers.

Emerans Agency
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For local dinner accompaniment, there are models located in your city or destination. If you prefer your companion to travel from other places, the company can also easily arrange this. Looking for a date to join you for a tropical or exotic vacation to travel together somewhere? Please contact directly to discuss your preferences, and everything will be done to help you choose the perfect woman who will accompany you on your occasion.