Girlfriend Experience

From time to time, even the strongest of us need tenderness, care, and affection. Of course, all of this can be received in a relationship. But what if you have no time for this? Or you haven't yet found the one? We may have an excellent solution for you. Have you ever heard of something called girlfriend experience? If not, don't worry. Today we will tell you everything about it.

What Is GFE?

A girlfriend experience (aka GFE) is a particular type of an escort service where an outcall girl displays a more intimate, tender, and humble attitude towards you. Basically, a single lady behaves as if she was your real girlfriend. She will speak and act as if you have a shared history, an ongoing romance. Moreover, a GFE may not involve any sexual activity. You can go on a romantic date with candles or go bungee-jumping, you can kiss or simply hold hands, you can have the most amazing tender experience of your life or not touch the girl at all. However, you will still have to pay the lady.

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A GFE is so popular among wealthy men that Starz even launched a TV series called "The Girlfriend Experience". A young law student named Christine Reade (Riley Keough) is a call model working as a girlfriend for prominent business people. She enjoys spending time with her clients while making money for living.

Depending on the geography of your favorite escort agency, the girlfriend experience can be performed anywhere. Whether you are in the state of Alaska, Connecticut or Miami, your luxurious and unforgettable GFE will find you.

What Does Classic Girlfriend Experience Include?

First of all, there is no such thing as a "classic" girlfriend experience. Everything will depend on your and your girl's desires and fantasies. We will, however, list a few things that almost every GFE includes:

  • Kissing

You don't always kiss an average call girl on a date, but you will want to kiss your one-night-girlfriend. Usually, it's passionate French kissing, while holding hands, and gently patting the back of her back or head.

  • Eye contact

Remember that this girl shares a history with you; you have known her for some time. You may even have some feelings for her – and what can be better than looking into the eyes of a loved one and seeing the sparkles in there?

  • Caressing and cuddling

Sensual contact, soft touches, and behaving in a caring way. She will not take all of the attention for herself; she will always think of you during your time together. However, there are still some boundaries you need to respect in order to be able to spend more time with this special lady.

  • Mutual practices

If you finally decide to meet, everything will be shared between the two of you. Unlike classic escort girls, a girl with GFE will require attention for herself as much as she gives that attention to you. It will create more physical intimacy between the two of you.

Places and Resources to Have a Girlfriend Experience

A girlfriend experience date can be found in almost any city. Our agency, with elite models, does not offer GFE. We just made a list of popular agencies in different states and cities that will allow you to have the best girlfriend experience of your life. Let's take a closer look:


Everything is big in Texas, right? So, why not create a big-night-out with a lovely girl in the city of Austin, for example? We have found some GFE options in Austin. These agencies may be of use: AdultSearch, Sugar Nights, Local GFE.


What can be more luxurious, breathtaking and exciting than life in the state of Florida? Having a GFE in Miami! Both for novices and experienced customers we have prepared a number of escort agencies in the city of Miami: Miami Escorts Club, Miami Escort Models and Eros.

New York

Living in New York and tired of only classic European and American girls? We may suggest you try a pretty Asian lady and have an exotic GFE. Dig into these pages: Oriental Escort New York, Eros and NYC Exotic Asian.


Ever been in Detroit? If not, here's another reason to go to this historical city. Pamper yourself with a fantastic GFE in Detroit for a couple of evenings. These agencies can assist you in finding the perfect company: Northern Kitty Cats, AdultSearch, Sugar Nights.


In this state we have found two cities for you to have fun in – Columbus and Dayton. To find your best GFE, visit the following websites: Local GFE, City Girls, Escort Index.


Living in Alabama may become a bit boring. So, why not get excited by having a GFE? Here are some agencies that can help you to find a girl to spice up your night: Local GFE, AdultSearch, Intimacy KIT.

New Mexico

It is always hot in the great state of New Mexico, especially at night. If you desire to have a romantic GFE getaway in one of New Mexico's cities, for example, Albuquerque, we have three excellent options for you: Eros, Escort Directory and AdultSearch.


What about the 49th state? Want to have some fun there? Local GFE and AdultSearch are the most popular GFE agencies in the state of Alaska.


Despite all the stereotypes about cold and odd Canadians, we know that they want love as much as anyone. To have a GFE in Canada you may visit these resources: Escort ADS and Massage Republic.

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Living in the United Kingdom should not always be about 5'o'clock tea and sophisticated conversations on various serious social and political issues. If you're tired of all the formalities and want someone to hold hands with, go to Birmingham for an amazing GFE. Here are a bunch of agencies for you: Kommons, Birmingham Escorts and LUSH Escorts.


For the lovers of the oriental love cuisine have a – GFE in Bangkok! Find your exotic girlfriend using these services: Absolut Angels, Bangkok Hotties, Bangkok Escort 247.