Debunking the Myth: Are Escort Services Legal?

A lot of people use the words ‘escort’ and ‘prostitute’ interchangeably. If you’ve been asking yourself “are escort services legal”, then you’re not alone and it’s good that you’re taking the time to do some research.

The truth is the line that separates escorts and prostitutes can get very thin for men who still don’t understand the difference (and get in legal trouble for). 

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Hiring a female escort is 100% legal if done correctly, however, you should be wary of some of the things that are still in a gray area and need to be clarified before you get into trouble.

This guide will dispel some myths and show you a fully safe and legal way to hire an escort. Let’s get into it.

Difference Between an Escort and Prostitute

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Long-story short – prostitution is illegal because it’s considered the equivalent of human trafficking in most countries including the USA. Why are escort services legal, then? Escorting is a fully legal service if it’s performed in a way that doesn’t violate basic human rights of free will and freedom of choice.

When you work with an escort, she is not obligated to perform any kind of sexual services and can always walk out if she finds you unpleasant. You do make a payment to see her, however, the payment, from a legal standpoint, is made to purchase her time and company.

She’s legally obligated to show up and fulfill her part of the deal but she cannot be indulged to perform any kind of sexual acts if she doesn’t want to.

Prostitution on the other hand is the equivalent of human trafficking because prostitutes are explicitly paid to have sex with (whether they like it or not).

Are Escorts the Same as ‘Sugar Babies’?

Escorts are not sugar babies because you don’t pay them to become a kept woman or mistress. They are paid to make an appearance (they are usually extremely good-looking) and deliver a full GFE (girlfriend experience).

Sugar babies on the other hand are young women who offer companionship and sexual gratification to wealthy men who give financial support in return.

A meeting with an escort could be a one-time thing for a few hours. In order to get her company again, you make a fixed upfront payment. However, you’re not obligated to buy her presents or pay her bills to keep her around (although escorts appreciate and like clients who do so).

Why Hire an Escort Then?

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Escorts are becoming increasingly popular because they deliver a much more fulfilling experience than any other type of paid companionship.

  • Escorts always look stunning and make heads turn wherever they go. That’s why men hire them to show up at events, conferences, or meet-ups as their plus-ones.
  • They are smart, educated, and charismatic. They make excellent conversation partners and immediately make a great impression (boosting your value in front of others as well).
  • They understand the intimate needs and desires of men on a psychological level.

Elite escorts are generally successful models or Instagram influencers who are on a hunt for high-value (rich, successful, and good-looking) men. You pay for their time so they can visit you and make the evening much more pleasurable and fulfilling for you.

Can I Take an Escort to Bed?

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Escorts are not obligated to accompany you to the bedroom just because you paid. A paid meeting or a date with an escort is just like any other date. Whatever happens between you and the escort is private and it cannot be agreed upon with a payment.

That’s why it’s absolutely vital to treat her like a gentleman so she’ll be more than happy to take the relationship to the next level.

How to Hire An Escort (The Right Way)

Girls looking to become escorts are everywhere – however, only a few truly have actual professional experience and the charisma to be considered an “elite escort”. You could find escorts on online dating sites but a lot of them don’t understand the game or simply end up scamming their clients. 

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To legally hire an actual elite escort that frequents high society, who takes your privacy very seriously, and who professionally knows how to show you a great time, you have to work with a reputable modeling agency.

Emerans is a professional agency that closely works with (or has contacts with) successful and gorgeous models who secretly work as escorts. This is the only reliable and legal way to find an escort with whom you can have a dream-come-true date.

Here’s how you can book an escort for your next event or for a lovely date for two:

Pick a Type

The first step is to decide what the ideal girl for you looks like. Is she a blonde? Brunette? What does her skin tone look like? And what’s the ideal body type for you?

Remember: the entire point of seeing an escort is to get a dream-come-true experience. So you shouldn’t shy away from getting into the details. Once you have the ideal type figured out, head over to Emerans’ catalog.

Browse the Catalog

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Emerans has a catalog full of hundreds of models. You can even use search filters to narrow down the results and pick the girl of your dreams.

Each profile comes with very high definition photos of each escort paired with videos from model shoots. These photos are highly curated and make it very easy for you to decide without having second-thoughts.

Send an Inquiry

After you’ve picked profiles that you find suitable, note their URLs down and prepare to send an inquiry.

VIP clients can directly reach out to a manager and make a booking. If you’re a first time client, you should include some of your personal details in the inquiry such as:

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Work background

First time dates usually happen at a 5-star hotel arranged by the agency. If you’re already a repeat client, you can request escorts for other types of events such as:

  • Meetups with friends
  • Yacht trips
  • Conferences
  • Traveling 
  • And so on

Meetings can be requested for a minimum of 2 hours.

Are Escort Companies Legal? 

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Emerans is an escorting agency (as opposed to a prostitution agency). The job of the agency is to reach out to any model of your choice and to make sure the date happens (and that’s it). The company does not (and cannot) entice any escort to perform sexual acts if the escort doesn’t want to.

The agency assigns a dedicated manager to each client to handle the booking. The manager even handles things like:

  • Hotel reservations
  • Plane tickets (to fly the model to your city of choice)
  • Offering concierge services
  • Obtaining additional photos, videos, and intimate details from a model’s life

However, do note that elite escorting is a very exclusive type of industry that takes privacy, safety, and confidentiality very seriously (for both sides). 

That’s why the agency is also responsible for matching models only with serious, high-value men who won’t pose any kind of risk to the escort’s safety. That’s how the agency maintains its reputation both among clients and models.

In some cases, the model might request to see your personal ID. This is done only for safety purposes and the agency never compromises its clients personal information.


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We hope that after reading this guide you will have a better picture on the escorting industry. The internet is full of prostitution rings who disguise themselves as escorting services, usually with no regard to safety, confidentiality, or privacy.

Before you engage with an escort, make sure you understand what’s legal and whether or not the person you’re about to meet understands it. It’s always better to work with a reputable agency that operates legally.

Looking to meet an elite escort who’s not only smart and interesting but also breathtakingly beautiful? Girls like this don’t just “stumble into your life” in bars and clubs like other ordinary women. 

Escorts are gorgeous, high in demand, extremely busy and know their worth very well. That’s why in order to earn their favor, you must pay the price and prove that you’re a high value man who won’t waste their time.

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If you’re looking to meet such a girl and potentially start a relationship, you must get her attention. That’s where professional escorting agencies come in to help.

Emerans is a full service escort agency with a catalog of stunning fashion models and luxury travel companions who secretly work as escorts. You can easily book a meeting with a model of your choice and get a girlfriend experience that you’ve always dreamed of.

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