Отзыв пользователя Mister B

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City: Beverly Hills
State: California
Area / Address: 9500 Wilshire blvd
Appointment Type:Outcall
Provider Category: Independent
Session Length Scheduled: 3hr
Fee: $1500
Total Paid: $4500

About Mister B:

Age: 39
Race: Caucasian
Perfume/Fragrance: Fresh and all Natural
Smoking Status: Could Not Tell Either Way

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Yes.  Hair Color and Length:Long Red Hair that below her
shoulders, a few curls

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web site

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Providers Body:

She looks just like her photos, her website stats of 34D-24-34 seemed right on, just under 6 feet tall, about 5'7 or 5'8, long legged and a very slender body. Her skin was very smooth and she has blue eyes, a natural beauty, she wore very little makeup. I found her to be very attractive and she has a great smile, bright white teeth.
Comments saw Cristine ad the other day and decided I would give her a call, it was a slow day at the office and I found myself with free time, and boy did I get lucky. She picked up on the first ring, and she sounded so sweet on the phone. I knew I was going to have a good time, I had been wanting to meet this red headed beauty for a long time. She asked me for some references which were no problem, told me she would call me back and within ten minutes she did just that and two hours later I found myself arriving at her outcall in my hotel.

She knocked on the door as scheduled, and when i opened the door I was amazed, she is truly a beauty, and her body so well proportioned. She was wearing a red dress and took me by the hand and led me to the couch where we talked for sometime and got to know each other a little. Once she sensed that I was a little relaxed, she laid her leg across my lap and asked me if I was ready to go to the bedroom, to which I replied ' sure.' She let her robe down to the ground and was wearing a black thong and a black bra, she gave me a very seductive smile and than walked over to me and started to undress me, and soon she had me laying on the bed and was kissing me all over, than some light kissing on the lips, and finally some good tongue action. I asked her if I could go down on her and she replied that she would love it. She tastes very sweet and got very wet each time she had an O. I could have done this forever but she told me since I had given her a few orgasms that it was my turn. She gave me great head, lots of slurping, and than asked me what position I liked. Cowgirl is my favorite so she covered me up and got on top, and rode me with lots of energy. She was really wet and very tight and after some time I sensed myself getting close so suggested we switch, and we than did doggie until I could take it no longer and exploded.

We spent the last 10 minutes or so cuddling and talking about far away places, as it turns out, we really had a lot in common. She was a great conversationalist, and great in the bedroom, I will certainly return, I waited way to long to see her. It was one of the better session I have had in a few months because from the moment I made contact to the time I left everything went very smooth and on-time, she handled herself very professionally and in the bedroom was incredible.

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