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It is rather not very difficult to become a successful person in elite escort. In the other hand, there are quite a lot of efforts have to be given. There are lots of women who simply cannot reach the level that is associated with natural talent, which is ideal for this job. Generally, this is a normal thing just like not every woman can become a supermodel. When criteria of courtesans and professional escorts are taken into account, the initial meaning of these terms has to be considered. A professional escort must be able to accompany a man to virtually any event in style, whereas courtesans must be able to entertain and influence VIP gentlemen and fulfill their desires for any confidant purposes.

How a woman can reach success in being a pleasant companion?

Outstanding looks, impeccable style and perfect fit:

In order to succeed and gain popularity, it is crucial to maintain loving nature, keep up the state of being fresh at all times and express the purity of your soul and intentions. Elegant looks and classic style expressions in your behavior and the way you dress will be perfect and help you to success. It becomes apparent that by looking naturally and reflecting youthful beauty will almost certainly guarantee you popularity. Flawless moves, humble but beautiful features, outstanding manners and pleasant expressions will play an important part in the job you ought to do.

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Just like any actor, model or a television presenter you will have to take serious care of your fitness, daily workouts and diet. It will help you to stay fit and keep the perfect looks. It has to be carefully combined with choosing the right style including cloths, hair make up etc. and personal hygiene. Any woman will have a clear advantage of any counterpart if she is familiar with latest trends in fashion and is able to pick up the right cloth for a specific occasion. Maintenance of perfectly fit body will also be your strong point.

Your physical proportions will also play a very important part. Long legs and the height of 5’4-5’11 will certainly be ideal. Clothes sizes usually vary from 6 to 10 in Australia and the UK, 1-6 in the US as well as 34-38 in European countries. You will have to be very polite and have flawless manners. Softly speaking voice, employment of right passive range of language and total compliance in behavior will be an obligation.

Personality attributes and conducts criteria:

Having perfect looks and being gorgeously fit will never do the thing if your personality is not right. Any signs of narcissism and initial thoughts that you are better than the others will have a negative effect on people that will be around you. A real high-class person will never be rude with anyone, will be full of expressing love and kindness as well as complaining will not be in her habits.


Expressing loving nature, being self-aware, having an opened mind will always contribute to the criteria that will make you a perfect companion and to be in demand at all times. It is absolutely crucial to be friendly but maintain the boundaries in behavior. You should be able to please the companion next to you and make him feel comfortable. Showing respect to people around you is also very important.

You have to be able to communicate with new people easily and flawlessly. It is vital to be able to keep up the conversations on interesting and popular topics. Creative expressions and sufficient knowledge of different subject will be preferable. You will most likely be able to travel to mysterious and highly desired destinations suddenly, so romantic dates certainly will be guaranteed. You should have impeccable and pleasing personality and plenty of charisma to be able to catch the attention, so that your presence will be highly desired.

Education background:

It is preferable that a successful candidate has a college or a university degree. However, it has to be beared in mind that natural intelligence is more valuable than being intellectually taught. People who you will communicate with have high level of intelligence and knowledge; therefore it is crucial that you express your intellectual level naturally and flawlessly.


Any person must comply with reliability criteria. It means that something that you will do have to be treated like business. It is vital to be punctual at all times and never miss an appointment. If the appointment is missed, you will let your client down as well as the agency you work for. This must never happen, so once the appointment is made it is an obligation to come and do your job. Your job must be treated in exactly the same way as though you were on a model audition, or had an important business meeting with lots of things at steak!


We also give every effort to get you to the right person and to the right company where you will feel comfortable and will be able to express yourself in the best way. We guarantee mutual trust and friendly relationship hence we always ascertain your personal preferences of where you would like to go to and what kind of people you want to meet. Due to the fact that we approach things in the most pleasant way and guarantee high profile clients we will only work the most elite ladies that can be found out there!

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ID: 1014
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  • Рост(см):177
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ID: 1012
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  • Возраст:24
  • Рост(см):176
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ID: 1016
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  • Возраст:21
  • Рост(см):175
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If the potential candidate feels that the above mentioned criteria can be met you can always contact and join us. An average person can earn as much as USD 100-500k annually. It is important to remember that career in being an elite escort courtesan is usually short-lived. Normally, it lasts for a few years but you still will be able to make a fortune out of it, travel the world and meet wonderful, smart individuals. It also may be regarded as an outstanding platform to sort out your personal life and quite possibly to find the love of your life!

Please, do not hesitate to explore your talents now! Our agency guarantees 100 percent confidentiality and plenty of self-indulgence of having exciting, lucrative and full of luxury lifestyle!

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