VIP-компаньоны всемирного экономического форума в Давосе, Швейцария 2020

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Davos economic forum is the most lucrative international business event in the world. Leaders from all over the globe including businessmen, politicians, heads of multinational companies, finance and economics ministers are all there to share their views on the prospects of the world’s economy and what trends are prevailing on the markets.

Эскорт модель ID 1014
ID: 1014
  • Страна, Город:Poland, Warsaw
  • Цвет волос:Брюнетка
  • Возраст:19
  • Рост(см):177
Эскорт модель ID 1012
ID: 1012
  • Страна, Город:United Arab Emirates
  • Цвет волос:Блондинка
  • Возраст:24
  • Рост(см):176
Эскорт модель ID 1016
ID: 1016
  • Страна, Город:United Kingdom, London
  • Цвет волос:Брюнетка
  • Возраст:21
  • Рост(см):175
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представлено у нас в галерее

Every respectful gentleman who attends the forum will most likely need to accompany him on business meetings, lunches and dinners where etiquette requires a smart and beautiful woman t6o be next to him. The luxury companions from our agency are already in Davos and ready to provide services in organizing meetings, transfers, translations and accompanying clients to the meetings and for leisure time.

Every model that we provide has impeccable, stunning looks, great stature, dressed exceptionally well as well as their manners stand second to none!

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Every model I highly educated and speaks several languages. Ladies always know their place and will play substantial contribution to the character of a person who will be accompanied. Their goal is to help out with everything as well as make outstanding impressions on the people around her man. Girls are extremely beautiful smart and reserved. A female companion in Davos 2020 will have to be there for you at the right moment and at the right time and to be a complete reflection of the person next to her. They will all able to keep up conversations on any subject because all of them have numerous degrees in different subjects.

Elite models for escort and translation for the WEF

The most important reason and cause why people need to hire a supermodel companion in Davos is indeed to make instant translations and interpreting conversations with other people. Every companion that we provide is capable to speak any languages. Taking into account the fact that clients can also choose the nationality of a girl, native knowledge of at least one language will be very useful. Stunning and sexy appearance will ensure the most pleasurable moments during the WEF. Ladies will also accompany you for dinners with all your friends and partners to impress.

Elite models are have plenty of other skills and may provide interpretation twenty four hours a day. Even if a client requires to translate very important documents during the night time, our gorgeously looking model will work hard to satisfy these needs. Skills that every woman can provide have no limits and will go beyond all the boundaries and exceed all expectations of a potential client.

Еxclusive escort service for the WEF

Our exclusive escort service for the Davos forum in Switzerland in 2020 is the most sophisticated service for high profile individuals. Our luxury companions will accompany you and give a hand with virtually anything that is needed. They will make unforgettable impressions on your business partners, provide you the most pleasurable time during the forum, interpret conversations and translate documents and most importantly will allow to get rid of stress.

This is the most impeccable and completed service with the most attractive and smart women. They all look stunningly good, have perfect figures and exceptionally smart. This is exactly what a respectful business person need, so please do not hesitate to choose the right luxury companions for you as they all already out there on the Davos 2020 economic forum.

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