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Introduction service for international elite models for most sophisticated, successful and outstanding professional is proud to welcome you to the most exclusive club. People who enjoy the finest things in life can have even more by getting an introduction to the most exquisite VIP companion models who will do everything to please you!

The elite international club stands way ahead of the other clubs and services that operate in this sphere of the industry. Elite can simply be defined as the best, carefully selected and exceptionally exclusive. Elite is only referred to the most successful and extremely talented individuals who have great taste in life and enjoy exquisite companies of exceptional and well-mannered beauties.

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We know exactly what these kind of individuals want. We are perfectly aware of their secret desires, their rich inner world and constant search for perfection. The elite international club will find the solution for these successful businessmen by providing the best women to accompany you to any event, travelling to any destination, spend an evening with you by having a dinner at fine restaurant or at home. The elite model who will spend some time with you will be a complete reflection of yourself, success in life, your level of intellect and impeccable taste.

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The elite international club will offer you a specially selected range of very attractive and smart women who will satisfy every need and requirement that you may have at any time. What they will do for you is not a job but pure pleasure because every woman is committed to become a pleasurable company of a very smart and attractive individual such as you. They will adore communicating to you and quite possible fall in love immediately after the first interaction.

We welcome you to our exquisite gallery of VIP models

Escort`s girl ID 1014

ID: 1014

  • Country, City:Poland, Warsaw
  • Hair color:Brunette
  • Age:19
  • Height (cm):177
Escort`s girl ID 1012

ID: 1012

  • Country, City:United Arab Emirates
  • Hair color:Blonde
  • Age:24
  • Height (cm):176
Escort`s girl ID 1016

ID: 1016

  • Country, City:United Kingdom, London
  • Hair color:Brunette
  • Age:21
  • Height (cm):175
163 models
are presented for you in our gallery

The elite international club carefully selects sensitive women that will have mutual understanding of her man. You will meet a lady that is a sheer reflection of angel and perfection that you have never came across in your life. You will be exactly the same as many years ago, possibly have the same mentality and character. You will meet a beauty that will fulfill your lifetime dreams, will be your baby as well as will do everything to bring the most pleasurable moments that you have never experienced in your life.

The other thing that distinct the elite international club models from the rest is a genuine and outstanding attitude. Our VIP models will never let you down in any circumstances. They will dressed in the perfect manner suited to the occasion, behave well, speak several languages, would be able to keep up to any conversation on every subject but also would stay quiet and silent whenever it is necessary. Her man will be allowed to act as her man at any time he wants. Our ladies will satisfy the needs of any gentleman and will make their dreams come to fruition in pleasurable and relaxing manner.

How to book?

Please, look at our great selection of outstanding and gorgeous models in the gallery and choose the woman of your life for some romantic or serious relationship! You will never be disappointed as all your dreams will come true very soon!

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