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What is a VIP escort for special clients? It is a special service designed for men with high status and special needs in need of socialization. Of course, the VIP client must be accompanied by special girls - luxury escort models.

These girl-actresses, models and models are carefully selected before they are worthy of providing elite accompaniment services to VIP clients. Their inclinations in the professional field are related to fashion, art, beauty, but they know how to live and relax beautifully.

Escort`s girl ID 1014

ID: 1014

  • Country, City:Poland, Warsaw
  • Hair color:Brunette
  • Age:19
  • Height (cm):177
Escort`s girl ID 1012

ID: 1012

  • Country, City:United Arab Emirates
  • Hair color:Blonde
  • Age:24
  • Height (cm):176
Escort`s girl ID 1016

ID: 1016

  • Country, City:United Kingdom, London
  • Hair color:Brunette
  • Age:21
  • Height (cm):175
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VIP Escorts by Emerans Agency

The VIP girls at Emerans agency in Paris have the perfect taste, their skills in choosing clothes, hairstyles and makeup are beyond the reach of other women. Knowledge of the rules of etiquette and the culture of communication with people of high social level makes it possible to say with certainty that such a girl will be the ideal accompanist for a successful and authoritative VIP client.

Our models are educated, have a broad vision and a sharp intelligence. They are ready to keep the conversation going on any topic. In the company of the VIP client, friends, colleagues and business partners, the escort model will feel comfortable and comfortable. On you and Your companion will be guaranteed to send admiring glances. After the reception or the party, she will stay with you in a romantic and intimate setting. It's a perfect getaway for the best and most worthy person.


Choose elite escort models for fun

On the Emerans agency website, you are guaranteed to find a variety of profiles, among which you will meet your unique companion. It can be a young girl with a sensual figure or an elegant woman - a professional VIP escort. You're guaranteed to get a meeting that won't disappoint.

In the profiles of our escort models you will find a Description written by the girls in person. They will help reveal the basic traits of their character and personality, as well as recognize the games they enjoy participating in. Our models are as open as possible and accept their desires without hesitation. In their questionnaires, only the truth about everything that is important to them.

To prepare for a VIP meeting, you can participate in foreplay and swap places with a girl - this is to add fun and keenness to your relationship.

At Emerans Agency, everything is the most expensive and the most luxurious

The escorts service in the laxerie area for VIP clients in Paris is an expensive pleasure. Dear - it's all the best for our special and demanding customers. Expensive always justifies its price. The elite escort is the guarantee of a perfect time with a luxury lady, as well as the possibility of making a strong impression on your surroundings. And maybe your dream girl will meet with us? Take the first step and rest assured you will not be disappointed!

At Emerans Agency, you can choose the perfect accompaniment for a social reception or a party, or travel the world. We have prepared for you hundreds of
offers from girls who are ready to give you support in any situation, along with 100% of their time and attention.

Our charming escort models are slim, beautiful, sensual, have exquisite taste and a desire to love and attract, fulfilling all kinds of desires of the VIP client. You have a wonderful opportunity not only to relax in a luxurious way, but also to get the full support of a smart and tactful girl, which you can take with you as a companion to any event, be it a business conference or dinner.

Security and anonymity above all

Emerans Agency guarantees your total security and the confidentiality of relations with escort models. All of our girls are aware that the first quality they need is to be a secret and not to reveal anything in public about their relationships with VIP clients. It is with this confidence that we work to provide a framework in which you will feel completely free and uninhibited.

The girls for the escorts of our agency are professionals of their profession. They know how to create an environment conducive to pleasure with games that start with seduction and can move on to more intimate relationships if the VIP client wishes. You can always relax, unwind and have fun in the company of our luxury models. Register on the site and you will have videos and photos available in the profiles of our girls.

Emerans Agency invites girls to the gallery with questionnaires

If you are photogenic, young, confident and have visible external data, fill out the questionnaire and send your portfolio to our agency. You will be able to show your talents to the fullest and be invited into the world of laksheri - wealth and luxury.

Escort model job will open up the world of influencers and dynamic travel for you. You will be able to become a professional in the field of Psychology, Emotions and Sensuality in Relationships. In addition to promising encounters, we guarantee high income, support in a modeling career, trips abroad and stays in excellent conditions.

If you are confident and ready to give yourself a try in the field of VIP accompaniment, fill out the questionnaire, leave contact details and general information and we will contact you.

If you have any questions, please contact us

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